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A while ago I posted a story about the process of making all those beautiful photos we admire on various websites and blogs. And since photos mostly accompany remarkably intelligent texts, here is the creative process of blog-writing made simple. Or at least my usual version of it.

My eyelids are so heavy, it’s past 10 p.m., but I’ve made up my mind to finish writing the new post today. OK, let’s be honest, it would be difficult to finish something that hasn’t even begun. And all beginnings are difficult, it’s a common knowledge. In order to finish something, I have to start first. So, here, I’m placing my fingers on the keyboard.

But, I should first make a nice cup of tea to help me relax.

A snack would do me well, too. Some cheese, maybe a slice of ham. A glass of wine would go nicely with it. Aha, my favorite TV show is on… Sex and the city, the nth rerun… The episode when Carrie leaves Mr. Big. That can’t be missed!

OK, so the tea has gotten cold. Never mind, I’ll continue tomorrow.

The following day, 9 a.m.

I’ve taken my daughter to the daycare, put away all the toys scattered across the floor, and picked up clothes off the bedroom chairs.

I’m in position, ready to start. Aah, my nail’s half broken; where have I put that file…

Music will surely improve my performance. An inspiring tune should be available on YouTube. Aah, what a lovely song, I haven’t heard it in ages; it’s reminded me of… I’d better turn it off, nostalgia is like a black cloud hovering above the future.
Besides, silence rules.

Before I begin, let’s check what’s new on FB. So many status updates! OK, this is irrelevant, irrelevant… Hey, this is interesting! Let’s move on. Aha, look at this overachiever, after telling me that she had no time, what a hypocrite!
This is intriguing: how to look younger, lose weight and change your life in three days. I’ll just read it through quickly…

9.30 a.m.

This house is a mess! I can’t work like that, I’ll have to tidy up a little. And do the dusting as well? No way, no time for that now. Maybe I should call the cleaning lady?

How should I start? Where was that link to that wonderful website about sources of inspiration? Here it is… ahmm, the inspiration will come while you rest, when the brain is free from the burdensome and useless stuff. Sounds good, so I should relax and wait for original thoughts to overwhelm me.
Or I could change the scenery. Right. I’ll just pick up my stuff, the laptop…
Where should I go?

9.45 a.m.

I’ve decided to stay at home after all. I’d just lose more time travelling.
I could make some coffee though. Better yet, a cappuccino.
Right, no milk.
I’ll just make a quick trip to the supermarket. Where’s that shopping list…?

10.30 a.m.

Enough is enough. I focus on the keyboard and the screen. I type a little, delete a little.
I try to gather my thoughts which are floating around like the cottony dandelion seeds in springtime. There are too many, I’ll have to shake some off.

12 a.m.

I didn’t even notice that my mobile was in the silent mode. So many missed calls! And texts! Hmm, what’s new on Instagram… It would be nice to like the followers, click, click, this is a really good photo… an interesting profile… let’s see who it is… oh, she’s got a website…

… what can I say? That’s how it normally goes. This is how I’ve come up with this post as well.

Different authors have different ways of shaping their stories. Some refuse to move on before bringing each sentence close to perfection. Their writings are usually spotless, without superfluous words, keeping only those that hit the target. I rather write all that’s on my mind first, and then combine it, move it, erase it…
I then rest. That is when new ideas come to mind and I immediately start writing a new post. I sometimes write three different stories in parallel… And the fourth starts rearing its head in the process.

Why do I write? Like a friend said, there are stories you simply have to push out, you just do.
That’s why.

By the way, I hope you’re not too disappointed with this honest overview of my “creative process”. It’s not always like that.
Now I have to choose a photo. Where has that folder disappeared…
I’d completely forgotten about these pics! And there is such treasure just lying there…

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