How I Almost Became a World-Famous Influencer

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A few years ago, with a colossal delay, I finally started to catch up with the latest digital trends only to find out that I still had plenty to learn, not only about the social media, but also about human nature.

The digital world offers all kinds of content. Some posts are interesting, some information I come up with is very significant because the social networks have partly replaced the television and other “old school” media. Now, when I want to check what’s new, I scroll down my Facebook News Feed. If I start wondering what’s en vogue this season, I browse through Instagram. And so on.  

On the other hand, social media are also an ideal platform for pushing disinformation and nonsense, and for playing on people’s weaknesses, such as vanity.

I occasionally post some content on my Facebook page that others may find interesting. Sometimes I simply post a good photo because I use the little free time I have to indulge in amateur photography.

I also try to follow the public lives of my friends and acquaintances, to read between the lines in what I consider honest or exaggerated posts… That’s what it’s like nowadays, I guess. And that’s completely fine. The present would be so boring if it resembled the past too much.

Naturally, I’ve moved into Instagram as well, to keep up with the rest of the world. To make things more interesting, I have a number of profiles – a profile for this blog, and a few more, linked with other blogs I’ve written. Just like everyone else, I post all kinds of stuff, depending on my mood, motivation and the photos I have available.

To be honest, I still have no clue why some totally dull and characterless, almost ugly photos become popular although there are no celebrities in them. I don’t get it, but it doesn’t matter. I keep trying to post appealing content. You never know what good can come from that.

Yesterday… out of the blue… I received a private message.
It read: “Hi, I’m Cecilia, Marketing Manager of C……a. ( Never heard of it) We’d love to have you on our team of ambassadors. Your Instagram is amazing (Nice! All that hard work and talent are about to pay off!). If you’re interested, please get in touch with us at instagram @c……a and we’ll send you additional info”.

Aha! There! I could already picture myself as a world-renowned influencer, posting stylized photos with tags (I can only hope it’s something decent), travelling around the globe to promote the brand which is about to appoint me as its ambassador.

Finally, my efforts and talent will no longer go unnoticed. It is true I have mere 400 followers, but it obviously didn’t prevent Cecilia from recognising a true gift, qualities, vision…

I rushed to visit that other Instagram profile to see what they’re offering.

And there she was, dear Cecilia, lavish with compliments. Being a true woman, I decided not to doubt a word she wrote.

So, she said, “your profile is a perfect match for us”.

Thank you, dear, I wrote, when I saw that C……a sold watches. I could imagine myself being photographed wearing a Dior, with a golden watch glittering on my wrist as I brush away a lock of hair from my face with graceful nonchalance and glide towards the Eiffel Tower (or the Trevi Fountain, or whatever). My initial enthusiasm subsided a little when I realised their watches cost only about 60 euros, but I guess a Dior dress is wearable with a more affordable watch as well. The price tag won’t show in the picture.

Anyway, darling Cecilia offered the following: 30% off any watch I buy (in other words, the brand ambassador is entitled to a special price of EUR 40: how very generous!) and a so-called 15% personal discount code for all people who buy a watch through me. I would make 10 euros per each item sold, Cecilia’s word of honour!

On top of the incredible privilege of getting a cheap watch even cheaper, of making loads of money after my 400-strong army of followers grabs the chance for a discount, Cecilia also offered to share my Instagram photos with watches on @c……a to ensure my popularity keeps rising at a dizzying pace.

The alluring future of an influencer lay straight ahead! 

But, as I glanced again at the website with watches, for some reason I didn’t really feel like investing even those 40 euros even if it meant I could kiss the stardom and a new career goodbye for now.

I replied to Cecilia that I wasn’t planning to buy a new watch just then (I didn’t want to offend her by admitting that I was actually wearing a Tissot), but that I would love to pose with the lovely C……a items if she were kind enough to mail me a few to my home address.

The answer was neither positive nor negative. All I got was a lovely  whose meaning escapes me.

I guess it means she still likes me despite the fact that I’ll never become C……a’s ambassador or buyer. 

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