How I became a motivational speaker

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motivational speaker

I’ve done all sorts of things in my life. And when I say “all sorts”, I mean literally all sorts.
I’ve translated books, was involved in marketing campaigns, did some digital marketing, administration, you name it.
I used to be a model, I like taking photos, my present job is purely technical in nature, and I manage a number of digital profiles and a couple of my own blogs. And lo and behold, I’ve recently also become a motivational speaker.

A wonder woman in the flesh!

Some time ago, I received an intriguing email. The manager of a so-called 12p Association apparently loved the posts on my parenthood blog, so much so that he proposed some kind of cooperation. If I understood correctly, he believed I was a born speaker, a natural inspirer destined to help others.

I found some links to the previous speeches given by the association. The nice guy who wrote to me didn’t strike me as someone who would read the parenthood blogs. How did he find me? I’m a single parent and the topics I write about are very specific.

I wasn’t entirely convinced. What was it he said – that he read my posts and loved them? Yeah, right.

Maybe he liked me and wanted to lure me by inviting me to speak, when in fact all he wanted was…

Gosh, I think he’s too young for me. What should I do? Should I accept to go out for a drink with a boy young enough to be my son?… Not cool.

In the end, we did agree to meet. But he didn’t come alone. To my surprise, a girl accompanied him.

Ok, so he wasn’t into flirting, they really wanted my professional services.

Finally! Loads of money within my reach!

Or not. Obviously, they had a pro bono speech in mind…

Well, why not? I’d never done anything like that, and I love trying new stuff.

We had a nice talk. I may have talked too much, but we did reach an agreement.

So I became a motivational speaker.

I prepared for the speech thoroughly, mindful of every detail.
A beautiful Power Point presentation emerged, with pictures, links, summaries. It was all very professional because when I decide to motivate, I expect people to burst with motivation.

Popularity and fame cannot be avoided now. Furthermore, my speech will be the turning point in life of the lucky souls who come to hear me.

What shall I tell them? How and why I made my websites and how I benefited from them? (Well, without them, for one, I’d never have the privilege of speaking to these people.)

We agreed on the date and time. The venue was a private university I’d never heard of, but it obviously exists and has educated generations of promising young managers, entrepreneurs and the like.

The organisers told me they expected an excellent turnout and were obviously concerned if the room we were given would be large enough to receive all the attendees.

I chose my outfit and makeup with exceptional care, hoping to leave a good impression on the young generations lusting for knowledge and experience.

The receptionist greeted me enthusiastically: You’re the Supermom? Oh, you’re most welcome, please come in!

The room was only half full. The young chairman of the association rushed to explain that “you know, students, always late, we’ll wait a bit longer, but not too long. We have also arranged for really cool people from abroad to join us by Skype.”

Great, I’m also about to learn something new tonight!

A group of twenty or so people gathered in the room at last. There were only a few “young” students. Others were mostly middle-aged, although a couple of ladies at an advanced age also showed up.

Interesting university.

But I must admit the speeches were interesting.

The speaker from the USA who participated by Skype briefly explained how she blogged for clients of different profiles and how she organised her day and work, turning it into a decent source of income. The only problem, as I see it, is to find enough clients and charge them for the hours a good blogger spends researching and writing about any given topic. And that is by no means simple in my country.

The guest speaker, a successful freelance digital animator from Serbia, shared his experiences with the audience whereas his wife did her best to photograph the room so that it looks full in the photos.  

As for me… Well, I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death. I think they were interested to hear about my dealings with the local businessmen who paid little and demanded plenty. They most probably failed to understand what I was doing and why.

The messages I tried to convey are the ones I truly believe in:

You are alive as long as you are interested in new things and try to learn.
You are alive as long as you have the desire and the energy to create – for yourself, for others, for no one, just because.
You are alive as long as you can give a speech at the invitation of some 12p Association, which may not benefit you in any way.

I did all sorts of things in life, and that night I also became a motivational speaker. I’m not sure I succeeded in motivating the two elderly ladies in the front row. They sat there for a while and then they excused themselves and left because “they were expected elsewhere at the same time”.

I’m not sure the three young students learnt anything from me either. After all, I was the Supermom, with three personal websites, experienced in blogging and managing the social media for others. 

I’m not sure whether the participant who nodded heartily and complimented me (You are a super woman! I’ll contact you to see if we can do business together!) had come only as a favour to the host or his interest was genuine. 

I don’t know if the 12p Association (what “p” stands for is still a mystery to me) benefited from the speeches at all.

Maybe this was the only speech of the kind I’ll ever give or maybe it is the beginning of a new, noble career.

Moving on…

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