Do you want to know what I do for a living? I write and translate. I write a lot, and while doing that, I also get a chance to read something. A while ago, someone told me that my job is wonderful; I’m inclined to agree with that. After years of translating and writing, I’ve acquired the skill to turn my thoughts into readable and, hopefully, interesting phrases. Words can be a powerful weapon if used correctly and at the right time.
The all-powerful Internet helped me reach many people. Like Scheherazade spent a thousand and one nights telling enchanting tales to her king, I write about everything and nothing.
What are the odds that something nice can happen to a single mum who’s looking to strengthen her body and mind, and loves to act crazy at children’s parties? I’d say that, in life, anything is possible only if you’re ready to always try a little harder and stick to your decision to always write the truth and nothing but.
That’s what I do.