What I am thankful for

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Here we are finally, at the end, in fact, at the beginning. Why is December 31st so important to everyone on the planet? Everybody is racing to post the most original photo on social media, everyone is sending best wishes, season’s greetings, reminiscing about all the good things that happened to them and making public promises. I have seen enough photos of Christmas trees, shiny ornaments, evening gowns, flashy smiles.

I understand all that stuff and I would lie if I did not admit it that I was also tempted to join in that race: silver and gold craziness, champagne, perfect makeup and hair locks.

But, when you are out of luck, you are out of luck….

No, I am not negative, I am not ungrateful. I just remember when bloggers start naming all the things they are thankful for, which is, I think, a typical American thing, which cannot even remotely be applied to us. However, the Americans invented blogging, so we have to follow the trend and be grateful for anything and everything.

I am at home. In front of the computer. I am listening to the fireworks, I might even have a glass of wine and watch the public celebration on TV, or I might write a new blog. It is advisable to end the old year and start a new one working.

So, since I am already blogging, let me tell you what I am thankful for at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

Let me begin:

A month ago my car broke down. It was the transmission. No, I could not have guessed and no, there were no warning signs or sounds (the mechanic did not believe me, he really didn’t). I was simply trying to shift from first to second gear, when I heard a grinding noise, that’s it!  Then, some other things broke, like in a chain reaction and, all in all, I will spare you further descriptions, since I am not an expert in auto parts, it cost me a few hundred Euros. But, I am thankful that the car is repaired and I am thankful that I had enough money to pay for all of that.  I am also thankful that my fridge is full and I do not have to worry about what I am going to eat until next paycheck.

Soon after, my mother fell down the stairs and hurt her head. She was altogether lucky, but her head is bandaged like she she’s been seriously wounded and half of her face is purple as if she has been assaulted by a street gang. But, OK, it could happen to anyone. It is very normal that an eighty year old climbs up the stairs holding onto the wall, instead of the stair rail. When I think about what could have happened, I am very thankful that she only got a few stitches on her head.

Let’s continue. Yes, there is more. There’s always more.

After all the aforementioned, the car broke again. That was, you would say, to be expected. Sure, but imagine that your car breaks for the second time on the same parking lot, and not only that, but in the same parking spot, as well? Uhmm, I feel that I have your full attention now. The repair was not as expensive as the first one and I swore that that parking lot would not see me again. Still, I am thankful that the second repair was cheaper than the first one and I am thankful that the whole incident happened after the payday, because I needed the car badly.

What next? There is always next, reasons to be thankful in abundance!

My daughter got sick three days before the “Craziest Night”. It is not a problem that I spent New Year’s Eve with a thermometer and fever reducing medication in my hands, but you would agree that there are better ways to spend that night and welcome 2018. But, never mind. I am thankful that is was only a virus and that the fever never exceeded 39 Celsius. My daughter has been in bed for three days now, with me by her side. A drag, but I am thankful that we have a chance to bond, spend time together and watch cartoons all day long.

They say that all the troubles and problems should be left in the old year. New year, new beginning. Having in mind all the misfortunes that happened to me and my family, I will conclude this blog with another expression of gratitude:

I am thankful that all the troubles I went through became a source of inspiration for this text. I am also thankful to everyone who will read, like and comment on this story.

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